Written by Candice S. Edye
Thursday, 15 July 2010 16:41
  • Is marketing "just not your thing" and you wish someone else would just do it for you?
  • Are you a small business owner who just wants to get on with the job of doing what you're good at?
  • Are you spending so much time on marketing that you're just not getting to the other functions of running a small business?
  • Do you feel that you're just not making headway with your marketing even though you're pouring lots of time and money into it?
  • Do you just need an extra pair of arms and legs to get a big marketing project off the ground and don't want to employ someone full time?
  • Does your budget mean you can't employ a junior marketing person let alone someone with the extensive knowledge and skills necessary to take your business to the next level?

If this is you then having an outsourced marketing manager as part of your small business team, may go a long way to easing some of these stresses.

What is an Outsourced Marketing Manager?

An outsourced marketing manager is someone who:

  • Is a highly experienced marketing consultant with 15 plus years under their belt across a range of industries and marketing functions
  • Can be a part of your team without you having to employ them, pay them super, set them up with a computer, phone etc.
  • Can be a sounding board for all your great ideas, turn them into effective marketing strategies and implement them, making sure they see the light of day
  • Ensure your marketing is consistent and effective
  • Use their knowledge, contacts and experience to help you get the most bang for your marketing buck

What areas can your Outsourced Marketing Manager help you with?

  • Event management
  • Public relations
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Liaising with web developers, graphic designers, printing companies etc.
  • Sponsorship strategy and relationship management
  • Writing web content and marketing copy
  • Internal communications

What's the financial investment?

Having a senior marketing person focused on your business without having to pay the $90k-$100k salary for a fulltime person will cost you $190 per hour.

All projects are provided with an estimated number of hours before commencement and approval is sought in writing before those hours are exceeded.

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