Develop A Marketing Calendar

Written by Candice S. Edye
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 13:40

[Marketing Calendar]You have probably spent a lot of time working on your business plan and have some thoughts about how to reach your customer, but all that time will be wasted if you do not transfer the big picture ideas into an actionable to-do list with dates attached.

With a marketing calendar you will:

  • know exactly when you need to begin work on a specific marketing campaign or promotion (both online and offline)
  • identify regularly occurring activities that need to be actioned, such as write your newsletter, post on social media, submit articles to online directories, do blog posts, add articles to your website etc.
  • plan for annual marketing maintenance tasks, such as order new business card, review your website copy and marketing materials or plan an annual event or joint venture with another business
  • clearly see the steps needed to complete a specific task, such as write copy, source images, schedule posts, review analytics, update keywords and search terms.
  • identify periods of over-commitment and gaps in your marketing schedule throughout the year which will aid you in preventing marketing lapses that cause the "feast and famine" effect that many businesses experience
  • plan for seasonal ups and downs
  • work around other commitments, holidays, deadlines or major events 
  • identify and incorporate any special days, cultural celebrations or national holidays into your marketing communications and content

This package provides you with a month-to-month, campaign-to-campaign schedule of all of your marketing that shows you what marketing events, media campaigns and promotion activities are happening. By using a marketing calendar effectively you will not only be able to coordinate all your marketing efforts but also budget effectively.

This $3,000 (+ GST) package helps you to achieve a month by month calendar of activities to guide your marketing over 12 months.

Contact us to find out how we can simplify your marketing activities.

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