Event Marketing

Written by Candice S. Edye
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 13:42

[Marketing an event]When it comes to events no matter what their size, the marketing process must begin at the start of the planning process when it comes to setting the goals and the objectives of the event. Marketing not only must reflect those objectives it must drive them. A good marketing strategy will take your business's internal objectives and turn them into external results.

When we work with you to develop an event marketing strategy for your business we focus on the 5 P's of event marketing:


We look at the history of your event - is it the first of it's kind or the 50th? We look at the value your event provides to the participants and how we can communicate these benefits through key messages. We also look at what makes your event unique and why your participants should spend time and money on your event.


We will help you to define your financial philosophy. Is the event designed to make money or is it designed to break even but increase profile, grow membership or create community goodwill? We will also look at perceived value and your target audience's ability and willingness to pay.


The location of your event can determine not only the attendance, but the character and personality of your event. When we look at a marketing strategy for your event we will look at the location in terms of proximity to the potential participants and the ease of getting there. The availability of parking and the ambiance and originality of the location. We will look at how practical it is to stage an event at a particular location as well as surrounding attractions and how well it fits with your business brand.

Public relations

We will work with you to develop a public relations strategy for your event including finding angles for media releases, determining what needs to go into media kits and whether journalists need to be sent invitations or tickets.

Digital and traditional Advertising

We take you through your options and how to set up an effective digital and traditional marketing campaign.


Determining how to position your event with your target audience will focus on what niche your event can fill, what makes it different and what audience needs it satisfies. With this event concept we will then look at what markets will be most receptive to your event.

Our event marketing package costs $1,800 + GST.

Don't take our word for it, this is what Julie from Handmade Markets has to say:

"Hi Candice I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me to grow Handmade Canberra's Upmarket. The numbers and feedback from the 3rd Market, Winter Warmer, was nothing short of sensational. I have to factor the help, guidance and fabulous ideas that I have received from you as a major reason we have grown from 3,500 people to over 10,000. You have helped me streamline my business process and really focus on what is important and effective.Thanks Candice for all your help with Handmade"

If you are planning an event or considering adding events as one of your marketing tools, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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