Online Marketing for Market Stallholders

Written by Candice S. Edye
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 08:31
Market Stallholders WorkshopThe Marketing Coach has developed an accredited course specifically targeted at market stall holders, artists, designers and other creative people.

This course is perfect for market stallholders or small businesses who have a limited marketing budget and want to learn how to use the online environment to stretch their marketing dollars as far as possible. The format of the course allows each participant to tap into the knowledge, experiences and ideas of the group as well as benefit from the peer support and contacts they make which carries on long after the course has ended. During the course participants will actually be working on a marketing campaign for their business and will have access to a focus group of their peers to test it out before launching it with their customers.

marketsWhat will you learn in the course?

  • Discover your niche and differentiate your business at the markets and online
  • Identify whether social media like Twitter, Facebook and blogging will work for your business and how you can use them to get people to your stand
  • Enhance your web presence through a better understanding of how to review and maintain your website
  • Build a practical marketing action plan that keeps the customers coming even after the markets
  • Run an online marketing campaign
  • Manage your reputation online
  • Develop your personal brand - you as the artist and designer
  • Cost effectively manipulate the marketing mix to make the most of your marketing budget
  • Have the confidence to charge what you're worth

What can you expect from the course?

The Marketing Coach's style of learning is very different from a school or classroom set up. School is all about tests, and notetaking. Our stallholder course is all about learning and introducing new concepts and aha! moments that allow you to look at your business differently and then move on to implement it. The course is also about accountability and helping small businesses get over the "failure to implement" hurdle that holds so many of them back. We achieve this by:

  • Market Stallholders Workshopsproviding you with background reading material that explains how you can implement the concepts discussed
  • opportunities to learn from other people's experiences in the real world
  • a safe environment in which to test out some of your ideas
  • ongoing support through the contacts that you make
  • a gentle push over the Failure to Implement hurdle as you report back on your marketing activities


"I found the peer-based learning was fabulous. It was great to hear how other stall holders did things, and Candice facilitated these discussions really well. I would highly recommend the workshops to any market stall holders. I wish I could have done them all, but had to pick and choose due to family committments" - Michelle Williams,

"Everything! Totally worthwhile. Really well-run I loved that the notes were emailed to us so we could listen without writing all the time. Candice was very supportive and got us to think through our problems and come up with our own solutions. Empowering." - Jen Leheny,

"Everything! I learnt so many things during this workshop. Every Wednesday I'd be eagerly anticipating what the evening's workshop would bring. Always I leave buzzing with new ideas - cost effective and practical to apply to my small business. From the very first night I got some great ideas. The workshops gave me the ideas, motivation and incentive to get lots of things done. In six weeks I organised a banner, business cards, a stand to hang my art and a new website. I thoroughly recommend them" - Rebecca Vavic,

"Meeting other stallholders was a definite plus. Feedback from peers was helpful" - Melanie Swan

"Relaxed. It helps you get your head in focus as to what you are doing in terms of your business. Especially as a 'market person' I find we have a tendency to fall from one market into another. This enabled me to believe in myself more as a business and think more as a future and worth planning ahead. I really liked the format, the interaction, sharing of ideas and feedback" - Vivienne Seedsman,

Photos by Tania McCartney

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