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Written by Candice S. Edye
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 13:41

[Media Strategy Package]Have you ever wanted to do something like search for information about a new car for your family or a credit card for your business? Like most people you probably headed off to the Internet to look at the pros and cons of the different models and options available to you. What you probably found when you went to the different car manufacturers' websites was a lot of ads telling you to "buy now" or you would miss out on some special feature or discount.There was nothing on the websites that purely gave you information without the sales hype. You probably had to leave the manufacturer's website to find the information you needed. The sad thing is you probably found the information you wanted on blogs and enthusiast websites not on the manufacturers website.

Before the Internet businesses had to rely on advertising or the ocassional article in the newspaper to get attention. The Internet has opened up many opportunities to develop relationships with your consumers and therefore social media and traditional media strategies need to take into account that people aren't interested in spin, they want dialogue.

The general rule of thumb is that PR builds a brand and advertising maintains it. When developing your content strategy, we look at how you can use advertising and PR to complement each other, attracting customers to your website or blog and educating them about your products and services over time. If you're launching your business or a new product, an integrated campaign with an effective content strategy can build brand recognition and credibility much faster than relying purely on advertising.

This package costs $3,000 + GST and includes six 60-minute coaching sessions with email discussion as required to assist in:

  • Defining your business objectives
  • Defining your target audiences
  • Determining your key messages, keywords and popular content searches by each of your target audiences
  • Developing landing pages
  • Identifying newsworthy stories and effective headlines
  • Developing story angles
  • Coaching you to write the content and providing feedback
  • Determining which channels to use
  • Identifying appropriate 'calls to action'
  • Providing strategies for effective distribution and evaluation

Please contact us to see how we can help you develop a content strategy for your business.


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