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Written by Candice S. Edye
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 13:43

[Sponsorship]Do you need help to fund your seminar, festival, expo, meeting or community group?

Gone are the days where event sponsorship meant visiting local businesses and begging for money. Now sponsorship is seen as a win-win partnership with clear expectations for return on investment. Sponsorship is now like any other form of marketing - it puts buyers and sellers together with both benefitting from the relationship. An event that is well sponsored gives sponsors results. It creates a good image for them and provides added value, opens doors and helps them meet their corporate objectives.

So how can we help you attract sponsors for your event?

  • Firstly, we look at what you have to offer potential sponsors. We look at what it is about your event that makes it better than all the rest. We look at how you can make your event the best in your particular niche no matter what it's size.
  • Next we look at reasons sponsors have for sponsoring events and the types of sponsorship you can offer them, for example media sponsorship, in-kind sponsorship, naming rights sponsors, official product sponsor etc.
  • We try to look at it from the sponsors perspective, identify their needs and then develop a generic sponsorship proposal that you can tailor to each potential sponsor.
  • We also look at how you can present added value and benefitsthat will get a sponsorship proposal noticed
  • We will also look athow to price your sponsorship
  • Finally we will talk about managing the sponsorship

This package costs $2,200 +GST. If you are planning an event or considering sponsorship, please contact us to see how we can help you.

But don't take our word for it, this is what Rachel has to say:

I just have to tell you how excited we are at the moment and it is all thanks to your fantastic work on the sponsorship proposal you put together for us. We are currently in discussions with Canon Australia and TomTom (GPS Systems) as major and product sponsors of our Great Aussie Road Trip. This is due SOLELY to the sponsorship document that you compiled. Both of these companies use a PR Firm to handle their PR and Marketing, your document was passed to a number of the managers within the firm after I contacted EBay Australia via email. The Managers of the Canon and TomTom accounts then contacted me with their sponsorship offers, and while we are still negotiating the finer details, this equates to roughly $30,000 in sponsorship potentially more. I am also in negotiations with other large companies regarding sponsorship in which your document has also played a major role. These include car manufacturers, Caravan manufacturers, electronics and computing manufacturers as well as a number of websites and travel companies. We have had an incredible response and if all goes well we will actually be declining offers! We have confirmed our first sponsor Brindabella Airlines, and hope to have all others confirmed by the end of this month. Seeking sponsorship has been made so much easier with your help and I can not thank you enough. I will keep you posted as the others come through, I am sure you will be as excited as I am!

Rachel Power, Great Aussie Roadtrip

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