Written by Candice S. Edye
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 13:53

Before contacting Candice from The Marketing Coach to help me I was at a point where I didn't know what to do next and how to improve my business....I was tempted to call it a day. Candice took time to get to know me and my business and worked with me one on one and the results were fantastic. I now have clear goals and lots of new ideas and am so very excited about the future of my business, all thanks to Candice. What Candice provides is priceless information and wealth of knowledge all specifically made for you and your business. Thank you so much Candice, first of all for allowing me to see my potential and for presenting me with many options and ideas, you have inspired me and have made me excited again about my business.



Ok, realmums.com.au is a parent support website that openly discusses the realities of parenting. Being out of the norm, it can sometimes be difficult to explain the concept of realmums.com.au. There was also a need to begin publicising the site, so some assistance with marketing was defnitely required. In particular was the need to publicise an upcoming event, Mums Night Out! - which is basically a night out for mums. Although having only had one session with Candice, my Marketing Coach, I have to say not only did she give me a lot of very very useful ideas, but she provided them in such a way that I felt I was not only able to manage doing them, but that I COULD do them. She was very uplifting, and did wonders for my confidence. And she was very open and honest, which I appreciated.

Normally, I need a bit of a kick every now and again with stuff, a bit of "have you done that yet", but the way she set things out and explained them assisted me in commencing working through them in do-able pieces.

I'm very much looking forward to our follow up session, and wish to thank her for her assistance so far. Not only has she been helpful and given me some valuable and useful tips and ideas, but she has also been encouraging and enthusiastic."



In starting my virtual assistance business, I knew what my personal goals were but I was experiencing difficulties in defining what my business goals would be. Who would I target? What strategies would I use to get my message across to them? I had some idea of what needed to be done but what I really needed was someone to hold my hand and tell me that I was either doing the wrong things or doing the right things to build my business.

"Candice from The Marketing Coach has done this for me and much more. Candice has renewed my own enthusiasm in myself and my business through seeing it from an outsider's perspective and asking me intuitive questions designed to make me think in greater depth about my marketing plan and strategies than I had originally thought was necessary. Our weekly teleconferences are something that I enjoy and look forward to because I know I will be learning something new and something directly applicable to my business.

Thank you Candice for your support and wisdom! I highly recommend Candice and The Marketing Coach to assist any business with their Marketing needs.



Last night I had a telephone session with Candice, aka The Marketing Coach. She is brilliant! She has a way of teasing out my jumbled thoughts and putting them in a way that makes perfect sense - not only for me, but also for my business. She is also able to help me identify why something doesn't feel right, even if it is a good idea.

I have been working with Candice on and off for a couple of years - and not just on marketing. She is able to help me with product design so that they are marketable, so I can make the most out of them.

Her services are targetted at the small business market, so if you are a Business Mum, or anyone in small business, it is worth having sessions with her.



I took up the coaching session from Candice Edye - The Marketing Coach. It was half an hour of honest, realistic, advice about subjects that I picked out to discuss. It certainly gave me some things to think about and some actions to work on. The e-newsletter is full of great advice too! Thanks Candice!



I found the Email Marketing coaching, spot on for my particular needs at the time I enlisted you to help. Because I am a person who likes to solve and move forward on issues on the spot, I found the email coaching more directed to my personality rather than waiting for a phone session to come around. Benefits to me by using this system are I have to write out my issue or topic, whilst doing this I am forced to go over the process in my mind and put it into words that you the coach can understand. (often my mind goes into a million different directions when talking and I find it hard to focus and prioritise). Also during this process I often come up with solutions or other angles just by writing it down.

I loved that you come back to me with practical questions and ideas and through that I was able to understand where to focus and direct my energy. I found you to have the ability to see inside my mind and offer just the right thing to get me back on track. You really listened and then offered feedback. (you still have to listen even when it is the written word). I also found that when you didn't hear from me you didn't just let me go, you kept me accountable by sending me an email for an update.

Email coaching works for me as I like to have someone to bounce of and be held accountable to at certain times. I like the on the spot benefit which I get even if you don't respond till later that day (which was never the case), I started to resolve whatever was bothering me immediately. I would definitely use this service again. Thanks for all your help Candice. I'm sure I am going to have more issues soon and will definitely be looking to you for guidance.



I just have to tell you how excited we are at the moment and it is all thanks to your fantastic work on the sponsorship proposal you put together for us.

We are currently in discussions with Canon Australia and TomTom (GPS Systems) as major and product sponsors of our Great Aussie Road Trip. This is due SOLELY to the sponsorship document that you compiled. Both of these companies use a PR Firm to handle their PR and Marketing, your document was passed to a number of the managers within the firm after I contacted EBay Australia via email. The Managers of the Canon and TomTom accounts then contacted me with their sponsorship offers, and while we are still negotiating the finer details, this equates to roughly $30,000 in sponsorship potentially more.

I am also in negotiations with other large companies regarding sponsorship in which your document has also played a major role. These include car manufacturers, Caravan manufacturers, electronics and computing manufacturers as well as a number of websites and travel companies. We have had an incredible response and if all goes well we will actually be declining offers!

We have confirmed our first sponsor  Brindabella Airlines, and hope to have all others confirmed by the end of this month. Seeking sponsorship has been made so much easier with your help and I can not thank you enough.

I will keep you posted as the others come through, I am sure you will be as excited as I am!



I have had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of Candice Edye's marketing coaching for two months. Candice was extremely organised with the topics we covered as well as any homework tasks. Candice was very flexible throughout the whole process, both with the delivery of the coaching (ie email) and the topics themselves. The response time was fast, usually less than 24 hours. Through the work that Candice and I did, my business is now in a much better position than it was before I met The Marketing Coach. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Candice to anyone who needs marketing advice or coaching.



I would highly recommend Candice from the Marketing Coach for any small business looking to increase their knowledge and take control of their marketing. As a new start-up business I found the monthly plan fantastic for developing new strategies and an overall marketing approach. I found my sessions empowering and they have given me lots of confidence to be able to put an effective marketing plan in place. Candice was great for bouncing ideas off and has give me lots of useful ideas and strategies that I can immediately implement in my business. She has a wonderful way of pushing you even further than you ever thought possible. Best of all, I've already seen positive results in my business!



I would strongly recommend Candice, The Marketing Coach, if you are serious about growing your business. She has a very professional, approachable and practical style. She shows a genuine interest in the business and her direction will provide you with a clear path of where you need to go and who your customers are. She is fantastic at getting all those ideas out of your head and putting together a very practical and achievable marketing plan. This service will be your greatest asset!



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