Written by Candice S. Edye
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 13:39

[Coaching]What is coaching?

Coaching combines the best from psychology, management theory and business to benefit the entrepreneur, professional and business owner. It's effective because client and coach work together as a team, focusing on the client's goals. The coaching sessions have structure and accountability, helping the client to think bigger, focus and get the job done. Coaches also bring expertise to the meeting. They are trained in the area of marketing, public relations, psychology and business management and have years of professional experience in these areas.

Who works with a marketing coach?

Entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals can all be helped by The Marketing Coach to solve problems, create or plan marketing initiatives.

[Coaching]What is discussed in coaching sessions?

  • Marketing planning, budgeting and goal setting
  • Solving a marketing problem
  • Maximising marketing effectiveness
  • Making key decisions and designing marketing strategies
  • Prioritising marketing projects
  • Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Brand building
  • Buyer behaviour and purchasing decisions
  • Marketing research
  • Designing products and services
  • Establishing effective distribution channels
  • Establishing pricing structures
  • Promotional tools

How are the coaching sessions conducted?

Coaching is delivered by telephone or email. Clients bring an agenda of items to the call and the coach helps them to address the issues and solve their problems. When the client is working on a large project, The Marketing Coach helps them to manage the project by providing support, structure and accountability to ensure the project gets done.

[Coaching]The process of coaching occurs daily, regardless of how often the actual sessions are held through:

  • Coaching conversations
  • Emergency calls
  • Success calls
  • Homework

Resources and other client support structure

The Marketing Coach works by:

  • Sharing information
  • Drawing distinctions
  • Teaching principles, skill and techniques
  • Providing tools
  • Offering perspectives
  • Providing structure
  • Asking for a lot
  • Expecting your best
  • Providing constructive advice
  • Training
  • Giving specialised instruction
  • Providing support material when necessary
  • Modeling marketing thinking

How much does it cost?

Coaching sessions can be provided on a casual basis as the need arises and paid for according to an hourly rate. Alternatively, a coaching package can be purchased which includes regular sessions and unlimited email support.

How do I get started?

If you feel that The Marketing Coach can empower you to solve your marketing problems, then contact us to find out which coaching option will best suit your needs.

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