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What if I miss or need to reschedule my session?

We require that you make your coaching sessions a priority and request that you be ready for our call at the agreed time. On the rare occasion you need to reschedule or cancel a session due to unforseen circumstances please give at least 24 hours notice. Except in the case of an emergency you WILL be charged for last minute cancellations and any scheduled calls you miss. In the event your coach needs to reschedule or cancel a session, you will be given at least 24 hours notice. In the event that we are unable to do this you will be given a free coaching session to the current months paid sessions.

Also, if you purchase a monthly package please note the package expires in one claendar month whether you use all the services or not.

How do you accept payment? [ Top ]

When you decide to go ahead with coaching, a payment option will be emailed to you. Your coaching session(s) needs to be paid in full by the day of your first session.

Payment can be made by account deposit. Account details will be given on request.

What goals can I work on with my coach? [ Top ]

  • Develop a new product development strategy
  • Packaging decisions
  • Branding decisions
  • Design new products
  • Develop a product life cycle strategy
  • Determine my unique selling position
  • Choose a business name
  • Develop an internet marketing strategy
  • Product line and mix decisions
  • Develop a services marketing strategy
  • Improve customer service delivery
  • Adopt a marketing orientation for my business
  • Develop a promotion strategy
  • Design a distribution channel
  • Develop a pricing strategy
  • Learn new tactics for price adjusting
  • Avoid pricing mistakes
  • Identify strategies for setting a marketing budget
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the promotional tools available
  • Identify your target audience for your marketing message
  • Advertising planning
  • Designing a public relations campaign
  • Networking goals
  • Defining your company's mission
  • Setting your company's objectives and goals
  • Evaluating your business portfolio
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Segmenting your market
  • Assessing the practicability of a segment in your market
  • Using your positioning statement as the foundation for designing your marketing mix
  • Developing positioning strategies
  • Writing a positioning statement
  • Understand the buyer decision process
  • Designing a marketing research programme
  • Managing a market research project

Is coaching confidential? [ Top ]

As a coaching professional, your marketing coach does not talk about their clients to anyone. Everything discussed with a client is completely confidential.

How does coaching differ from counseling? [ Top ]

Coaching isn't counseling, therapy or psychology. It does not deal with your past life events and how they effect your here and now. Marketing coaching focuses on current and future marketing plans and problems and is geared towards helping you to set goals and move forwards.

Coaching is also not consulting or mentoring in that your coach does not tell you which direction to take or decision to make. Rather your coach works with you drawing on your knowledge of your industry and your business to help you find marketing solutions that work for you.

What credentials does my marketing coach have? [ Top ]

Your marketing coach is an experienced business professional with at least 17 years marketing and senior management experience under their belt. They also have postgraduate qualifications in the areas of Psychology, business or public relations. They can relate to the unique needs of small businesses as they have either run their own business or are experienced in working with small businesses.

What do I need to prepare for my session? [ Top ]

Draw up a list of things you want to discuss during the coaching session. This may include:

  • Success and wins you've had during the week
  • Problems you may have encountered with your marketing planning or implementation
  • Report back on your homework
  • Advice you want about a current or upcoming marketing problem
  • What you're currently working on and how it's going
  • New skills you want to develop
  • Strategies you wish to develop
  • Any insights, new awareness or "aha's"

Are there packages for businesses with small budgets? [ Top ]

There are packages to suit all budgets and all your marketing needs. The Casual Coaching options allow you to schedule a session when you need it. It does not lock you in to any contracts for any period of time. It is perfect for those on a limited budget. The packages are also designed to save you money as you focus on a specific area of need. Have a look at our products and services to find an option to suit you.

What kind of time commitment is required? [ Top ]

At The Marketing Coach we do not believe in forcing you into long term contracts. We believe that if you find the coaching useful you will make use of our services for as long as your business needs it. Our packages are designed to offer cost savings and additional support for businesses working on large or long-term projects. They are also beneficial for businesses with pressing deadlines, such as those planning a large event or launch.

How are sessions conducted? [ Top ]

Coaching is primarily conducted during scheduled phone calls. If necessary, additional support is also provided via email. The phone calls are typically an hour in duration although they can be shorter or longer depending on the issue being worked on and the demands of the client's schedule. There are appointments available during different times of the working day as well as in the evening and on weekends. This allows clients to structure their coaching sessions at a time most suitable to them, whether it's during their lunch hour or after the business is closed for the day.

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